Planning is overrated

We can’t plan our lives. We merely have an idea, a goal, a dream which we pursue. To many of us it’s scary to think that in an instant our whole life can change. The plan we had differs from the set route. The dream we have breaks down around us. And all glory be to God for it. 

What ever plan we have in our finite minds is nothing that our holy God hasn’t seen through to the end. If we were left to follow our own course, Romans 1 says we’d be in a heap of trouble. But in our God’s goodness, he saves us from ourselves. 

However, we run into a conflict. When does the difference between our God’s holy calling for our lives and our inner emotions blur together? Quite more often than we’d care to admit I’m afraid. That is why we need to seek God day in and day out. Continually draw near to him, seek him out, pray for guidance. Our spiritual mysticism is nothing compared to our God’s holiness and greatness. 

So I leave you with this. Total surrender to God’s will is hard (and frankly, harder to find), but our ever prevailing God never stops. He has a plan for each and every one for us, a plan that is perfect and Holy and WILL be fulfilled, one way or another. The question is, are you ready for God to change the direction of your life.  


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