Fight Till He Returns

A battle is being fought. Bloody like any other. You can smell the stench of blood in the air. Death surrounds the soldiers of good. Evil is prevailing. “Fight till he returns!” is the battle cry of the soldiers. To the left they see their fallen comrades, and to the right they see the overwhelming enemy. Yet they continue to fight. “Fight till he returns!” The battle goes on, our friends are tired and weary. This battle is too great for the soldiers of good, their foe is strong, but they remember…”fight till he returns”. Then the ground rumbles, the soldiers wipe the blood from their brow. Could, alas, the battle be ending? It doesn’t matter, because they remember: “fight till he returns”. A soldier of light looks towards the sky. Never has it been so beautiful. The world stops for nothing, and it never ceases to keep moving on. In this battle there is one truth: death waits for no-one. A soldier should know this, but this young man still has hope. He looks to the sky. He remembers why he fights. “Fight till he returns”. As he looks around, he realizes that his companions are now all dead. He is the lone survivor. He has fought valiantly for his cause. His sacrifice has not gone in vain, for he knows that his cause is just. However, he hears a sound in the distance. What could it be? Appearing over the hill, greater than even the enemy, the young man mutters “my King has returned”.



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