Humanity and Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad. The hit show is finally coming to a close. It seems like all spectrums of the blogosphere are talking about it, and with good reason, it’s another beast of a show that AMC has created. Just to let you know as of writing this I’ve only seen two episodes and I’m working on my third as i write this, but I see a trend rising in our time that’s a little sketchy.

I was sitting at home and figured why not check out Breaking Bad. I kind of knew the premise of the show, but I liked walking dead and thought maybe this would be something similar. As a side note, any show that starts out with a guy standing in the middle of the road with a pair of tidy whities…. I question how high of a quality this show can be. So I started watching it and it was Ok. I could tell off the bat that this wasn’t going to be in my favorites, but I’ll see what it has. It was slow to start. Not a lot happened the first half hour, I was debating turning it off frankly, but then they started…well…what the show was about. These two guys came in to see Walter’s product and they were holding a gun to his head, so I automatically didn’t like those two. Walter has cancer…he might not be doing the best thing, but give him a chance. Well Walter went a little crazy. Mixed some chemicals together and the fumes killed the two guys. Typically, I show no remorse for these guys. That’s what I’ve grown up with. Good guys live, bad guys die, that’s the natural order. Black white, good bad, that’s how it is. That’s how the second episode ended. Two dead bodies in the back of an RV. Great first episode.Breaking-Bad_Wallpaper-2


The second episode starts, Walter has to bury two bodies after a drug deal went wrong, it’s getting a little twisted. They are driving down the road, then suddenly, one of the bodies stops being dead. So they go to Walter’s partner’s house and tie up the guy who’s alive and have to get rid of the still-dead guy. They tied him up, their hostage, and were going to, under all appearances, let them rot. They had to get rid of the other body, so they went to a hardware store to find something to put him in.

But the other guy woke up. The so-called evil drug-lord awoke from his slumber, and he just looked so…helpless. Like a child who couldn’t control the situation at all, and he had genuine fear in his eyes. He was sad, scared, alone, confused, and didn’t know what to do. Now i don’t consider myself a sensitive guy, but I had some heart-strings playing. There wasn’t any black and white in this situation, just a whole bunch of grey. I started telling myself to man up, he was only a bad guy, but then I started thinking. When did I become like this? When did things like this start becoming popular? AS the episode progressed Walter proceeded to feed him, give him some means to keep himself clean. Even in showing humanity like that, how in the world did that justify him? Walter tried to kill this guy, and we were supposed to feel bad for him now? I couldn’t help but think, that “bad guy”. He’s a person. His life means just as much as Walter’s. He has a family who loves him, friends. What was it that made him deserve to be tied up like a dog?

When did feelings like this show weakness? When did compassion become something for cowards? The fact that our culture today pushes this thinking is utterly ridiculous and contrary to everything that we know in our inner-most beings is wrong. Now I know the Bible says that the heart is desperately wicked, but man, I strongly believe that people are genuinely good. That people really do know the difference between right and wrong, but this? This twisted moment where you don’t know how to feel? This isn’t weakness, this is strength. It shows that compassion and a desire to help people still resounds in us today, no matter what people try to make us believe.

Normally I have a nice crisp wrap up for a post, but I want you to think. When did Black and White all blend together into gray? When did kindness make a man weak. The love in our hearts is a good thing and we need to stay in touch with that. We need to realize that wrong is wrong , no matter who it’s being done to, and fight against it. As Relevant Magazine says, “Reject Apathy”.


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