iLove 2.0

origin_2431195580Does anyone else have that feeling where they start looking at things on the internet, whether it’s an article or be it shopping online, and you are fine, flipping back and forth, doing productive things, and then suddenly you feel overwhelmed? For me, the heart starts beating, the brain is in overdrive, and the worst part? I just tank through it and don’t even bother to put away the stupid thing.

When did this happen? When did technology start to run our lives? I’m not going radical and saying that all things techie are of the devil, those people are just idiots. I am acknowledging the fact tho that our little fun time with technology is putting a damper on day-to-day activities. We scoff and mock the Old Testament nations who worship statues and inanimate objects, but the scary thing is that we’re doing that now and we don’t even realize it! What is an idol really? its something that takes the place of God, takes the throne of our life. Well, like my grandmother says, if we spent as much time talking to God or doing school work as we do with our toys, our life would be much simpler.

When did the world become boring? The planet is a pretty cool place. Go out and do something. As i type this i am realizing how stupid I’m being about technology and how I’m not taking in the coolest thing EVER. I’ve been around, I’ve traveled. I’ve seen the outback of Australia, and I’ve seen the mountains of North Carolina, and i can tell you, those things are WAY more interesting than some Joe’s Facebook update or that blog post by some person you don’t even know.

It’s time to saddle up and do something productive. I am aware that I am glued to my Nexus and laptop most hours of the day. I’m going to purpose to start doing something worth while.Trip Lee said it right in his song “iLove”. We are closer to our toys then we are to people. If you haven’t heard the song, check it out. It’s part of the reason I’m writing this. The world is a beautiful place, don’t just look at it through a screen.


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